3/25 Chicago Improv Comedy A/V and Web Update

Improv Obsession Podcast with UCB Improvisers: Josh Simpson and Brook Ashley Anderson

I’ve been reading a lot about the distinction between the conscious critical mind and bodily focused sub-conscious intelligence. The discussion of feeling good scenes reminds me of it.


Stacy Smith Launches doesn’t sleep! Check out ┬áLady Art!

Lady Art aims to be a clearinghouse for female produced art in Chicago.

This kind of one stop shop calendar thing has been attempted before by Laughing Parrot and its predecessor Chicago Comedy Calendar (now defunct).

If anyone can keep something like this updated, though Stacy can.

Check out the site for an extensive list of female art!

Speaking of Stacy Smith. Here’s a blast from the past that reminds me once again why you need to love improv to do it. Cause the monetary awards are minor and extremely rare.


Great Index of Guest Posts on Montreal Improv Blog

The Montreal Improv Blog has had guests write columns on improv for the last few months. There are some great posts and this index posts gives brief summaries of ’em!

Check it out. Some great resources.

Montreal Improv is also going to be doing a live streaming of one of their shows coming up Friday March 30th at 10p EST.

Check it out here.


Poor Choices with Jo Scott and Joe Avella

Joes! Joes everywhere!