1/27 Chicago Improv Comedy Festival Update

11th Annual LA Comedy Festival Accepting Submissions

Festival: 4/20 – 4/26

Submission Deadline: 2/10

24 Awards are presented for the best in live acts, films, screenplays and more.


LIVE ACTS: Improv, Stand-up, Sketch Comedy, Variety Shows, Solo Shows, Music Acts, Burlesque

FILMS: Features, Shorts, Filmed Sketches, Web Series, TV Pilots, Music Video, Animation

SCRIPTS: Feature-length and Short Screenplays, TV Pilots


2012 Phoenix Improv Festival Accepting Submissions

Festival Date:  Sat 4/28/12

Application Deadline: 1/31/12


App Details: Standard info, unedited video of a show.

If accepted you get full access to festival as well as a “Den Mother” to guide you around Phoenix….oooooh.

8/19 Festival Update

Fall Back Comedy Festival Accepting Applications
Fri 11/2 - Tue 11/6
Rochester, NY
No entry fee. No pay. All types of comedy welcome.
Submission deadline: Sun 8/28
Submit here.

Charleston Comedy Festival Open for Submissions
Wed 1/18/12 - Sat 1/21/12
Charleston, SC
No entry fee. No pay.
Submission deadline is October 1, 2011. All kinds of comedy welcome.
Submission requirements:
1. Show Title
2. Runtime of show
3. Video links to clips of live performance
4. 50 word show description
5. Tech requirements
6. Contact person name, phone and email address.
7. Performance history and hometown
Please email submissions to info@theatre99.com
Visit charlestoncomedyfestival.com for additional information.

LA Comedy Festival Taking Submissions
11/10 - 11/20
Los Angeles, CA
Entry fee depends on submission type. All types of comedy welcome.
Late Submission ends Fri 9/2
Submit here.