2/4 Chicago Improv Comedy A/V and Web Update

Rance Rizzuto, Michale Lehrer in Total Recall Redux

In this version, Arnold never even changes out of his pajamas.


Chicago Bacon Keeps it Rolling with “Shit Chicagoans Say”

I like the writing. It’s too long and no one has figured out how to focus a camera, but otherwise, good. I’ve never thought about how much Rahm resembles a parking meter.


Second City Network: Shit people say about Shit people say Videos

This concept is good. Which makes it doubly frustrating to find it butchered.


 Pat O’Brien Profiled in the New York Times

Don’t know why, but I hadn’t considered that SNL must be bankrolling Pat’s Closet Series…

You can check out the youtube channel here.


Steve Waltien Interview from Chicago Improv Celebrity News

Nice interview that covers a lot of the path Steve has treaded to get to Main Stage. The new revue at Second City has just started production in the last week.

 Chicago Comedians in New City’s Top 50 in Chicago List

Billy Bungereth, Jet Eveleth, Mick Napier, TJ and Dave.

Check out the article, a great round up of Chicago artists.