2/4 Chicago Improv Comedy A/V and Web Update

Rance Rizzuto, Michale Lehrer in Total Recall Redux

In this version, Arnold never even changes out of his pajamas.


Chicago Bacon Keeps it Rolling with “Shit Chicagoans Say”

I like the writing. It’s too long and no one has figured out how to focus a camera, but otherwise, good. I’ve never thought about how much Rahm resembles a parking meter.


Second City Network: Shit people say about Shit people say Videos

This concept is good. Which makes it doubly frustrating to find it butchered.


 Pat O’Brien Profiled in the New York Times

Don’t know why, but I hadn’t considered that SNL must be bankrolling Pat’s Closet Series…

You can check out the youtube channel here.


Steve Waltien Interview from Chicago Improv Celebrity News

Nice interview that covers a lot of the path Steve has treaded to get to Main Stage. The new revue at Second City has just started production in the last week.

 Chicago Comedians in New City’s Top 50 in Chicago List

Billy Bungereth, Jet Eveleth, Mick Napier, TJ and Dave.

Check out the article, a great round up of Chicago artists.

10/8 Chicago Improv Comedy AV/Web Update


 Seven Minutes in Heaven with Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres: Always coked up.

I liked this one.


Poor Choices with Mark Colomb

Only two new episodes this week Mark?

REally. I mean come on.

Patrick Rowland and Jeff Griggs


New Podcast: Another Podcast Podcast

Jo Feldman and Micah Sterenberg interview Chicago’s best independent improv groups.

This week is an interesting discussion of performing on cruise ships.


Comedylab Posts Women in Comedy Panel Parts 2 and 3


Tara Difrancisco’s new podcast has posted the remaining portions of the Chicago Ladies in Comedy forum that took place a few weeks ago.


Lady Parts: How do you like your coffee?

These guys do a ton of production for Second City Networks. Check them out at http://ladypartscomedy.com


9/17 A/V and Web Update

Birth Control Ninja from Second City Networks

Katie Rich mentioned this during last week’s Chicago Ladies in Comedy forum. Your uterus is apparently located at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

 TimeOut Chicago Article on Jimmy Carrane’s Upcoming “Improv Nerd” Show at 773

Every improviser must have two headhshots: wacky fun and deep contemplation. Guess which one gets featured here…

Fairly Comprehensive Rundown of Chicago Actor’s Trainings 

A gentlemen from my film acting meetup group produced this pretty extensive list of training venues in the city. If you are looking to take acting class (and you should be) this is a nice summary to start with.

Beginnings with Jenna Friedman

Jenna is a comedienne (see what I did there?), improviser and one of the newest writers on Letterman. LEARN OF HER JOURNEY!

Seven Minutes in Heaven with Model/”(Actress)” Selita Ebanks

Anybody remember Nancy Kerrigan on SNL? This is the point where Pat has to say to himself: “Have I married myself to a terrible premise?”

New podcast: We Wrongly Assume

As far as I can tell it’s funny people in a room talking about weird stuff. In a good way.

Recent Guests: Brett Lyons, Adal Rafai, Andy St. Clair, Rob White, Steve Waltien and more

Carisa Barreca profiled in the Daily Herald

Carisa is a friend of mine! This article is about her.

Lauren Lapkus on Overload the Machine Podcast

Though not strictly about improv, I will let it slide because I went to high school with Lauren and now she works with CHELSEA HANDLER! AHHHHHHH!!!

Poor Choices Podcast once again produces like 9 new episodes in a two day period.

Mark Colomb: the JRR Tolkien of improv focused podcasts.

Matt Young, Peyton Brown, Kara Jekubac and Tim Paul all in separate episdode.

Great thread on IRC about quotes that apply to improv

The best part of this being the people who really carry the spirit of the exercise forward by paraphrasing the quotes.

e.g. “whatever that quote was from a beautiful mind. Adam Smith was wrong, do what’s best for the group, etc.”

New NYC Based Comedy Improv Based Cooking Show

It becomes clearer and clearer to me overtime that improvisers just like talking to eachother and will use the lightest and strangest of structures to do so in a way that pretends to some other ancillary purpose. Like sharing recipes. Still. I like cooking. I like improv. Let me know if you want me to keep updating this one…

Also, they review bottled water. Which I think is hysterical.

8/13 A/V and Web Update

Poor Choices Podcast with Brett Lyons
Brett Lyons of Deep Schwa and Second City Chicago talks about
childhood, cruise ships and his podcast.

Mike Birbiglia Interviews Marc Maron
 Mike Birbiglia digs through old tape of WTF shows to create questions
that befuddle and shock Marc Maron in this table turning exercise.

Amy Poehler on 7 minutes in Heaven with Pat Obrien
 iO and Second City Chicago’s Pat (Michael) O’Brien is now writing for
Saturday Night Live and does this periodic video cast from the wardrobe

Improv Nerd Music Video
 From UCB Sketch Comedy Youtube Panel. This is Smartass, clever and
(thankfully) only a minute and a half.

Kwipster Needs Your Smart Ass Remarks
 Practive your joke writing skills once a day here where the best
quips about the posted story get upvoted to the top.

IRC Podcast
 Megan Johns of Annoyance talks about classes and using improv to
write plays.