1/22 Chicago Improv Comedy A/V and Web Update

Playground Theater’s Semi-New Promo

Apparently this has been out for a week or two, but if you haven’t seen it, take a look.


Long thread on Improv being  like Sex at IRC.

I’m sure you can imagine the parellels and bad puns.


New IRC Podcast with Paul Grondy

Paul has taught at iO since 1997.


Improv Legends Fillmmakers on Kickstarter

Joel and Mark have been working on this project for some time now and have done interviews with a large number of improvisers, directors, and producers trying to get to the heart of this art form.

They need financial support to put the finishing touches on their film.

Check them out at kickstarter and toss em a buck or two.

Kickstarter site is here.


UK Based Podcast focuses on how to do Musical Improv

Heather and Joe both discuss and perform on the podcast making it a great learning resource.